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DUNIT on A Mac

Presentation by Roger Connell at ADUG Melbourne December 2014

Lets Move an Application To FireMonkey

A look at ActionLists and ImageLists in the Dunit VCL Form and converting such forms to FireMonkey.

Roger likes the Green Light DUnit testing interface. In order keep this presentation when debugging his libraries in the new compiler environment he has converted the single DUnit VCL form to FMX.

We looked at

  1. ActionLists and ImageLists - Fundamental to the DUnit Form
  2. Converting VCL Form code to FireMonkey.
  3. Images in FireMonkey - There is no TImageList in FMX
  4. Styling FireMonkey List Box and Tree View
  5. Developing FireMonkey Components - ImageList
  6. DUnit on a Mac

Slides, Examples and Source

Zip File of Powerpoint Presentations, Examples and Source Code for FMXImageList, FMXConverter and FMXDUnit

Updated Source Via GitHub

All Firemonkey DUnit and FMXImageList Code

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